Iready is cancer

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Iready is cancer

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A Promising New Treatment Offers Hope in the Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer Exciting new treatment options for patients with pancreatic cancer are on the rise, thanks to organizations such as the Lustgarten Foundation.

At a time when the public is encouraged by news that the number of Americans dying of cancer is decreasing, the number of people diagnosed with, and dying from, pancreatic cancer is actually on the rise.

The estimated number of new cases for exceeds 53, and only 8 percent of patients survive five years, as the signs and symptoms can go unnoticed until the cancer is in its advanced stage. In fact, with only 2 percent of National Cancer Institute funding directed at pancreatic cancer, the research supported by the Foundation, and other organizations dedicated to fighting pancreatic cancer, plays an increasingly critical role in understanding the disease and in promoting discoveries that could lead to new therapies.

Different from the vitamin D one would take in an over-the-counter vitamin form, this form is a specialized synthetic type called paricalcitol that needs to be administered by a physician.

This research is co-led by Dr.

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Ronald Evans from the Salk Institute for Biological Studies, then analyzes the tissue biopsies to establish a biomarker profile for patients whose tumors express the vitamin D receptor.

Patients with pancreatic cancer typically have a limited window of time for experimenting with different treatments, since most individuals are diagnosed when the cancer is already in the late stages. That is why it is critical to study the tumor and particular treatment options in advance. Oncologists can closely examine the makeup of an individual tumor and from there determine which treatments are most likely to work best for each patient. This new research using synthetic vitamin D brings the concept of personalized medicine one step closer to becoming a reality.

The potential of synthetic vitamin D extends beyond Dr.Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer.

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In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. A Nature Research Journal. Immunotherapy has only limited efficacy against pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma PDAC due to the presence of an immunosuppressive tumor-associated stroma. Here, we demonstrate an effective modulation of that stroma by irreversible electroporation IREa local ablation technique that has received regulatory approval in the United States.

IRE induces immunogenic cell death, activates dendritic cells, and alleviates stroma-induced immunosuppression without depleting tumor-restraining collagen.

MR-I Am Ready!

Immune checkpoint blockade is showing promise in cancer treatment and producing durable responses in several tumor types 1.

Its efficacy in treating patients with pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma PDAChowever, is limited by the immunosuppressive stroma associated with this cancer 2. PDAC is characterized by a highly fibrotic stroma that can physically exclude cytotoxic T cells from the vicinity of tumor cells. The immunosuppressive microenvironment within the stroma can also dampen the activity of infiltrating T cells 34. Recent attempts to modulate PDAC stroma have generated mixed results.

Inhibition of focal adhesion kinase-1 relieved stromal fibrosis, decreased infiltration of immunosuppressive cells, and subsequently enhanced the efficacy of anti-PDL1 therapy 6.

Further studies suggested that stromal elements can restrain PDAC from an unchecked growth 9. On the other hand, systemic injection of stroma-modulating agents can cause adverse effects in healthy organs. For example, PEGylated recombinant human hyaluronidase, although it successfully increased tumor perfusion by degrading hyaluronic acid in PDAC stroma, caused significant musculoskeletal toxic effects in a clinical trial NCT Taken together, these results indicate the potential therapeutic benefit of modulating the stroma via a local approach while preserving the tumor-restraining collagenous matrix of PDAC.

Although reversible electroporation has been used for decades for delivery of genes and drugs into tumor cells 13the use of IRE for tumor ablation was introduced only recently by Davalos et al. IRE uses short high-voltage electric pulses to induce cell death through permanent membrane lysis or loss of homeostasis 1516 In addition to killing tumor cells, IRE also increased the delivery of gemcitabine to PDAC tumor 18suggesting a modulation of the PDAC stroma; but the exact extent of stromal change remains unclear.

Meanwhile, recent studies on other tumor models, including a rat sarcoma 19a murine renal carcinoma 20and a canine glioma model 21have shown an improved antitumor efficacy of IRE in immunocompetent animals, indicating a possible role of the host immune system.

However, these studies were not performed in the context of immunotherapy. Neither did these studies investigate stromal modulation. Based on these analyses, we hypothesized that IRE enhances the efficacy of anti-PD1 therapy in PDAC by activating the immune system and alleviating stroma-induced immunosuppression. Our findings suggest that the combination of IRE with immune checkpoint blockade as a promising and safe strategy for treating patients with PDAC is warranted.

The experimental set up and treatment schedules are illustrated in Fig. The median survival was 6 days after enrollment for untreated control mice, 8 days for anti-PD1-treated mice, and Sham surgery was performed on both control and anti-PD1 treatment groups.

Treatment started on day 0. MRI slices with the largest tumor cross-section are presented to show tumor size at each time point. The entire extent of the tumor is outlined with yellow dashed lines.

MRI images were acquired weekly until the mice were euthanized due to excessive tumor burden.In the event of an extended school closing.

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Access to the Toms River Regional Schools online library catalog. Read student access. Information regarding safe use of the internet. TRRS code of conduct for students. Toggle page navigation Menu. Mar 11, Mar 09, Lacey on Feb 25, The record was previously held by Mike Konopka who scored 45 points in a game vs. Feb 26, Feb 20, It is a family reading program designed to improve the literacy skills of children.

Feb 17, The Mariners overall remain first in the South Jersey, Group 4 basketball standings. Feb 12, South Students Honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Feb 11, Feb 10, She scored 32 points in the win while teammates Emily Maire added 15 points and Nicole Platten had 11 points for the Lady Raiders Feb 07, Families enjoyed learning how to code using Ozobots.

Jan 31, The concept for this evening came from Imagination. Jan 30, Jan 16, The space balloon will reach a height of aroundft. Jan 15, The week culminated with students decorating the hallways with a "Blizzard of Respect. Jan 13, Jan 09, Jan 08, Sounds of the Season at Each year, students, staff, and other businesses housed at Hooper Avenue delight in the joy to hear the musical talents of the district's high school students.

Double minute

Dec 20, This school year Fairfax County Public Schools, the 10th largest school division in the United States, adopted the iReady assessment as a universal screener across all of its elementary schools.

Students in grades K-6 take these assessments individually on the computer three times per year, and the results are made available to both teachers and parents. While I have found this assessment deeply troubling all year, it has taken me a while to be able to articulate exactly why I think this assessment is so dangerous, and why I think we need to use our voices as teachers, administrators and parents to speak out against it.

This might sound like hyperbole. After all, this is just a test, right? Ok, I actually will just a little at the end of this blog post. These things make the test a bad test, but what makes it truly dangerous is the way iReady reports data and makes suggestions for instruction. Stick with me for a moment as I explain how this works.

After a student takes the iReady screener in the area of mathematics, the teacher can download individual and class reports. Each child receives an overall scale score for the math assessment as a whole, as well as a scale score in each of the four domains of 1 number and operations, 2 algebra and algebraic thinking, 3 measurement and data, and 4 geometry. Based on the scores, iReady generates a report for each student for each of the domains. The report offers a bulleted list of what the student can do and next steps for instruction.

iready is cancer

The teacher can never see the questions the child answered correctly or incorrectly, nor can she even access a description of the kinds of questions the child answered correctly or incorrectly. The most a teacher will ever know is that a child scored poorly, for example, in number and operations. Folks, that is a giant category, and far too broad to be actionable. But above all else, the iReady Universal Screener is a dangerous assessment because it is a dehumanizing assessment.

On paper, one of the goals of iReady is to increase equity, to make sure everyone has access to understanding in mathematics. What does it mean for how we position teachers to view their students? Will it mean that instead of rich mathematical experiences these students are relegated to computer-based or scripted intervention conveniently sold by the same company that makes the assessment? I think this defense wears thin when schools begin to use iReady assessment data as a measure of growth on their School Improvement Plans.

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iready is cancer

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They are a manifestation of gene amplification as a result of chromothripsis[1] during the development of tumors, which give the cells selective advantages for growth and survival. This selective advantage is as a result of double minutes frequently harboring amplified oncogenes and genes involved in drug resistance. Double minutes, like actual chromosomesare composed of chromatin and replicate in the nucleus of the cell during cell division.

Unlike typical chromosomes, they are composed of circular fragments of DNAup to only a few million base pairs in size and contain no centromere or telomere. Further to this, they often lack key regulatory elements, allowing genes to be constitutively expressed. Recently, some research groups are re-branding double minutes as ecDNA. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bibcode : Natur. Hidden categories: All stub articles. Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This genetics article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.Parents across the state have questions about an online test preparation software program that nearly every school district in Florida is using. Dylan's eyes moved back and forth between the passage and a set of fill-in-the-blank questions, reading each question then scrolling through the article, looking for the answer. The program Dylan was using, i-Ready, has exploded in popularity in Florida school districts.

Closely linked to the Florida Standards Assessment, the program is being used in 57 of the state's 67 school districts as a teaching and diagnostic tool that adapts as students use it and provides teachers with data on what state standards their classes need help with.

Curriculum Associates, which makes i-Ready, reported that students using their product saw nearly 40 percent higher gains for English and math than students who received more traditional remediation. Despite those impressive statistics, critics statewide see the program as a harbinger of a dystopian education future, in which teachers are replaced with computers and "learning" consists entirely of staring slack-jawed at a screen. Mendel is not alone in her sentiment; i-Ready is a hot topic among parents, bloggers, school board members and education advocates who want to know just how long their kids are spending on the program every day, the long-term impact of screen time and whether it has academic merit.

Curriculum Associates has commissioned studies showing that student outcomes on i-Ready can predict whether students will pass the FSA, but there are no peer-reviewed academic studies published on the program yet. Two organizations that have highly endorsed i-Ready — the Center on Response to Intervention and the National Center on Intensive Intervention — are both run by the American Institutes for Research, the company that produces the Florida Standards Assessment.

Stacey Carlin and her family moved to Manatee last year. She said her son was receiving homework assignments to complete on Khan Academy, an online learning program, in addition to spending time at school on i-Ready. When she realized how long her child was spending on a computer, she was not happy. I was hot. I was just like, this is not how we do things. How people can think this is OK is beyond me. Carlin and her family moved to Manatee from Maryland, where Gov.

Larry Hogan signed legislation last spring that requires the Maryland State Department of Education to develop best practices for the use of digital devices in schools.

iready is cancer

I have never seen anything like this down here. District officials in Manatee and Sarasota counties say they limit use on i-Ready to 90 minutes a week or less, and they say it is not designed to replace teachers or traditional classrooms. One of the challenges school districts face in determining how much time students should spend on computers is that there is still not definitive evidence that screen time in itself is harmful to students. Hill said research has shown that screen time before bed causes sleep disruption and passive television viewing leads to obesity and stunts vocabulary development.

But, he said, the research does not show that merely using a device with a screen is problematic. Hill said more research is needed on the impact of screen time on children, and schools should measure effects that they are worried about in the interlude.

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Is it exposing kids to materials that may be developmentally inappropriate for them? The pressure to bolster test scores — particularly third-grade reading scores — has helped drive i-Ready's popularity in Florida.

Students who are reading below grade level at the end of third grade face a host of challenges, and schools are graded based on their students' test scores.

iready is cancer

The program is not only a reliable indicator of how a student will do on the FSA, but an i-Ready test score can serve as another route to third-grade promotion, creating an invaluable backup plan for schools with students right on the border of being held back.

If i-Ready's research is accurate, it could be tempting for administrators to steer more students into i-Ready remediation and away from traditional approaches, like small-group learning or one-on-one tutoring.

Aaron Lotton, vice president of Marketing and Customer Experience for Curriculum Associates, pointed to i-Ready research that showed students who did remediation through i-Ready showed 39 percent greater gains in English than students who were in other forms of remediation.

Despite those impressive claims, i-Ready's executives say the program is not intended to take the place of traditional learning.


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